Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Rhubard and no custard


My new printer arrived today. An Epson 2880 which prints up to A3+ size. Tried it out this afternoon and made 10 prints for the sale. Also a Graflite arrived which will allow me to examine prints in the the proper neutral light.


Another frost this morning! But it was pretty light and the day turned out very warm. Saw a butterfly too ... a Comma. Nextdoor neighbours also gave me 3 rhubarb plants which I dug in with plenty of compost ... I planted them next to the big compost heap anyway. More flowers coming through ... and the Almond is on the verge of blossom. Cut some Daffodils for the table.

This Time Last Year

Got up at 8am and mooched around on the PC. Walked up to Central Market with Sacha but could find no English papers. Managed to find Shoal Creek and followed it all the way to town. Sacha had a couple of swims along the way and I had a friendly chat with some of the bums that hang out there.

At Book People I managed to find a week old Observer and so had lunch at Wholefoods and read the paper for an hour. We then continued down to Town Lake where Sacha had a swim by the Wisterias. Eventually we wandered around to Uncle Billies for a pint or two and Debs arrived around 5pm to pick us up and take us home.

Sat on the stoop chatting until bedtime.