Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Pearl

In the Garden

Did a few more jobs in the garden today as it was by far the warmest day of the year so far. I sowed some of the seeds collected from last year. Poppies, Iberis and some Blue Thistles. I also sowed some wild-flower seeds. I'm trying to emulate a meadow in the new back garden.


I also cleaned some pots left over from the winter. Most of last years pots were packed away clean last year!

I also rebuilt the cold-frame which I use every year. I've put the cuttings in there which were previously upstairs on the window-sill. Some geraniums seem to have taken and some haven't. Also some of the hardwood cuttings seem to have taken and others look a bit moribund. I'll persevere and se how they go.

Later Kristine and I went for a walk up to Hof ter Saksen. Only a few Rhododendrons were in flower. I did take a few shots. I'd also taken a few earlier in the garden too. The crocus mainly ... before they finish.

This Time Last Year

Wake up early and walk around the point for some pink and orange early morning shots.


After breakfast me and Doug jump into the kajak but have to hang around for everyone else as they phaff about. As soon as we get goping we spot a pod of dolphine and me and Doug attempt to chase them down. They don't really play ball and as soon as we get close they disappear and then re-appear miles away! It's fun though and we keep it going for a while, until eventually they move off.

We padle south for a couple of hours hugging the coastline. Instead of going right arounf the headlands though we follow JJ through the rocks. Doug has to be on top of his steering!


We then race across the last bay for a good workout. after pulling up on a beach we visit an old village and a ruined Hacienda. Apprently it was built on pearl money in the early part of the 20th C. Reminiscent of Steinbecks story, which was based on a local legend anyway. JJ has brought the local families some clothes that he has collected in La Paz. It must be pretty tough making a living out here.


After our visit we go out to the Frogfish for lunch and then it's back into the kajaks for a paddle back to camp.

Usual procedure for the evening. Happy hour cocktails, dinner and then bed!