Monday, 16 March 2009

Sand Sculptures and Kite Fklying

In the Garden

Did a few jobs in the garden today. Turned over the large compost heap and planted a few summer bulbs.

Saw my first butterfly of the season but it was so fast and in and out of the garden that I couldn't catch what it was. Probably a Vanessid as these hibernate as adults. Very likely a Peacock or Red Admiral.

I also delivered my application for a spot at the garden sales at Hof ter Saksen where I shall be selling prints. Gave the the office a calendar of Hof ter Saksen shots too.

This Time Last Year


I was up at 5.30am for another walk up to the ridge overlooking the bay and campsite. The sunrise was spectacular and well worth the effort.

Came down for breakfast after which we broke camp. We leave on our kajaks by 8.30am but after an hour we'd reached the open ocean and were facing a strong headwind and white-caps. We had some fun trying to get back aboard the Frogfish particularly as we had to be rescued by JJ when our rudder broke! Emily and Deb, and also Dan and Lyn decided to try and continue, accompanied by JJ of course.


After another mile or so Emily and Deb decided to abandon too. We rendezvous with the last kayaks later for lunch and after that it's too choppy even for them to continue. We ride the bouncy sea to the next camp site which is also on the mainland coast.


Doug and I set up our tent at one end of the beach and monkey about making sculptures in the sand.

Later on Emily and I try flying a kite which is fun. This is our last nights camping so we make sure we enjoy the Happy Hour!