Saturday, 28 March 2009

Blue Hole re-visited



Prepare shots for sale for a catalogue book

This Time Last Year

Up early and packed by the time Debs arrived. We load up the car and then drive around to the Falls so that Sacha can have a walk and a swim.


We drop into the Texas Hill Country Vineyard but they are so offhand and rude that we leave. It's then onto the Woolmer Winery which is very different. We try the tasting menu and pick out two deliciously perfumed whites.

After that we drive into Fredericksberg and have lunch at the Silver Creek.


On the way home we re-visit the Blue Hole and Wimberly. It's 15 years since I camped here with Nathan and Kristian. The place is now closed and looks a bit forlorn. The river and bankside trees still look fine though and we here that the village is going to restore the camp-ground and re-open sometime. I hope so. It was a lovely spot and I remember clearly swinging out over the river on ropes suspended from the trees and dropping into the cold water on a hot Texan day.

back in austin we stay up chatting until bed-time.