Saturday, 14 March 2009

Puerto Gatto

Spring in the Garden

Finally time to do some work in the garden. Planted the borders with Delphiniums, Lupins, Foxgloves and Gladioli. Planted borders with seed-mats which I'm trying for the first time.

I also build the frames for the roses to clamber over and put out some of those bricks with holes. I'm hoping the bees will use these for nesting.

Still a few jobs to do, so hopefully the weather will be fine tomorrow.

ManU humiliated by Liverpool; 1-4. How glad I am that I didn't go to Brighton to watch this with Fin. I didn't go to the pub either. MOTD highlights will be bad enough.

This Time Last year

Break camp this morning as we will be leaving for another camp later today.

After breakfast we go for a walk into the interior. It's very dry and dusty. We climb onto a ridge and get views all around. I decide to climb higher for some shots and get left behind. But the way back to the boats is pretty obvious so I catch up with everyone fairly easily.


We embark on the Frogfish for another sail northwards. This time we will be camping on the mainland of Baja California at a place called Puerto Gatto. It has no access by road ans no habitation anywhere near.

Along the way we see a couple of Blue Whales and although we don't get that close and they don't breach we can actually see how blue they really are.

Further along the way we stop for a snorkel.


After arriving and setting up camp I go for a walk along the rocky shoreline and take a few shots before returning for cocktails and dinner.