Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Horror Movies from Loreto to La Paz


Another Fine Spring Day

Tried to do some printing today but everything came out blotchy and striated. A waste of ink and paper. I'll try and clean it tomorrow, but I suspect I shall have to have my prints done in town. still in two minds about buying a new A3+ Printer (Probably an Epson R2880).

Managed to sit in the sun for an hour this afternoon reading.

This Time Last year

It's a transfer day today as I travel from Mexico to Texas.

I'm up at 4am for a taxi to the La Paz airport. It's an easy check-in and I arrive in Mexico City after a two hour flight. Howevere here I have a bit of difficulty as I can't find the the piece of paper I filled in on my arrival flight. This oversight means it costs me 40$ to leave Mexico and I have to cock about filling in new forms and going down to the bank to pay. I nice extortion racket from Mexico and leaves me with a good impression as I leave the country!

It's another two hour flight to Austin, Texas, but the flight is transferred to San Antonio where we sit on the tarmac for an hour before finally getting to Austin. Apparently it was raining in Austin! No doubt this is a rare occurence in Texas!

My sisters Suzanne and Deborah meet me at the airport after an easy ride through Homelan security.

We have a raucaus evening catching up and I end up sleeping on the sofa with the dog. My new pal, Sacha. Debs doesn't have such a good night though!

This Time A Year Ago Yesterday

I'm up early for a walk down the beach to tale some shots of the Arch in the sunrise. I just manage to get a few shots in before my batteries go. I've been unable to charge for 10 days so that's pretty good.


Back at the tent I break down and get everything ready for leaving. We are all abouard by 9.30am. We will do no kajaking today as the sea is too rough and so it's just a matter of enjoying the bouncy ride to Loreto on the Frogfish.

It's very windy too and I spend most of the trip huddled down trying to keep warm It falls to me to collect the tips for JJ and the rest of the crew and to make the presentation. Cheers all around.

After disembarking we have a short ride into town where we dump everybody at the hotel. Me, Emily and Deb are travelling to La Paz so we are dumped on the bus. It's a long five hour trip through a landscape of scrub and cactus. I read and try to avoid the succession of horror movies being shown on the TV. One involves baby dolls committing murder. It still gives me the creeps!

After checking into the hotel I have a steak dinner with E and D, before crashing out.