Friday, 27 March 2009

Twisted Tree Roots

Twisted roots


What can I say? Kristine wanted to go and no use my explaining you can choose and buy all this stuff on the internet. A deadening experience which was only ameliorated by going to a smart sushi restaurant afterwards. That's the budget gone for next month then.

This Time Last Year

Up at 8 for breakfast. Again it's cool and cloudy. I hit the road by 9.30am and take the park road which leads to the Falls themselves. On the way I pass the Bird Blind and check it out. I see Cotton Rats, Cardinals, Hummingburds, House Finches, Blue Jays, Brown-headed Cowbirds, Howpee and Goldfinch. As well as a squirrel!

Forest and stones

Then it's down to the Falls which are spectacular. I spend a lot of time scrambling about and taking photographs. I stop for some trailmix and an orange and then decide to hike along the river bank back to camp. It's a long hot bushwack that seems to take an age. I take plenty of shots of twisted tree roots along the way.

I get back to camp around 3pm and nap and then shower. I then return to the river to read until 5pm. I;m back in camp to light a fire bout 7pm and eat the last of the chicken. I watch the fire die down til 10pm. My latest night!

Tree roots and stones