Thursday, 26 March 2009

Along the Wolf Trail



Did 10 more prints today and mounted them.

This Time Last Year

Had a bit of a lie in today as the day started cloudy. Visited by Crested-Tits, a Blue Jay and a couple of cardinals at breakfast time.

Hiked out to find the Wolf Trail and followed it towards the Primitive campsites. Nobody was there. I rested at the bluffs overlooking the river before walking on to Jone's spring whre I shot a couple of dragonflies and a Hairstreak. Finally the sun comes out and it gets very hot.


I decide to bushwack a little and follow a small creek (Mercal Creek) down to the main river. I then follow the river back to camp and arrive about 2.30pm. I rest and then shower and spend the afternoon reading. I'm in bed by 8pm!