Friday, 20 March 2009

Feed and Seed

Seeds and more seeds

Planted some vegetable seeds today: tomatoes, courgettes and peppers. Didn't have much luck last year with these, but I'm trying a raised bed this year, so let's see.

Also move some self-sown poppy seedlings into the wild garden and replanted grass seed where I took them from. These will surely be successful as they tend to go mad every year!

I also planted out a fig plant which we had in a pot last year. It's against a south facing wall with the kiwis and grape vines. Look forward to seeing it grow.

This Time Last Year

We ride out Inks Lake State Park today for a very pleasant hike with Sacha running about. We do all the trails and then drive into Marble Falls. It's a very pleasant small town. We find a bar for beers and nachos.


In the afternoon we go shopping. Suzanne gets a pink coat from Gap and we get some packing stuff from the Container Store.


Later we have dinner at the Feed and Seed in downtown Austin. We listen to a band in the garden bar whilst waiting for out table. The Mexican food is great.

At home we have a beer or two on the step before crashing out.