Thursday, 12 March 2009

Catching Up

At Home

Start work on the Ireland photographs and catch up with email and flickr etc.

This Time Last Year


I was up early to get everything packed before breakfast. Our real boat has turned up in the night from La Paz. She is the Frogfish!

Today we sail for San Jose Island, but after 45 minutes we stop off at a small island at the end of Isla Espiritu to swim with the Sea-Lions. Amazingly they are very friendly and swim very close to you.


After this we have a four hour cruise on the ship. We see very large Manta Rays and towards the end a Fin Whale.

We arrive and set up camp along a stretch of empty beach. We are alone here. The island has a stark barren beauty.

After cocktails and dinner I take a few sunset shots before crashing out at about 9pm.