Sunday, 29 March 2009

Paddling Town Lake in Austin


Amazing thing happened today. Kristine and I walked up to Hof ter Saksen this afternoon and as we came around the corner at the entrance gates Kristine bent down and picked somethng up. It was a part from my tripod which I had lost on the same walk two weeks ago. It made me smile. Later on when I tried to take a few photographs I found that I hadn't brought a memory card! Dumb!

This Time Last year

Up early to shower and shave and then Deb drives me into town - Shady Grove - for I am to meet Jennifer at noon.

She is already there - having driven up from Houston - and we spend a couple of hours chatting and drinking and eating as we catch up on what we've been doing since last June. We had met on a canoeing trip in the Dordogne last summer.

Afterwards we walk down to Barton Springs and the river where we hire a canoe and paddle down to Town Lake and back. I paddle, we chat, she wears a pink coat.

Then it's back up to Uncle Billies for a beer and we drive up to the University of Texas campus and find the Crown and anchor pub for a final beer. It's seven and a half hours later now. Exhausting.

I walk back home, via an ice-cream at Amy's and jennifer has to drive all the back to Houston.

In the evening we drink whisky into the small hours with William. The conversation gets heated. It's all too much.