Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Moon over the Pedernales River


Lego Pirates and Rockets

Stayed at home with two of Dhar's boys; alexandre and Charles. Spent much of the building and then playing with Lego Pirates. We also watched a couple of episodes of "From the Earth to the Moon" about the Apollo Space program.

This Time Last Year

Woke at 7am and walked down to the river. Photographeed the moon over the river and then walked upstrea,. Waited an age for the sun to reach me and photographed some old trees. Walked back to the tent along the Group Camp Road. Back at camp by 10am for breakfast.

Lazed around til midday.

Walked down to the river with a chair to while away the afternoon. Helped a father and his two sos find the ford so they could cross the river on their bikes.

Found a nice spot to read "The Secret Life of Bees" and cooled off in the river from time to time.


Back in camp at 5pm and just mosied around. Started reading "The Anatomy of Peace". Lit the fire at 7pm.

Debs and Alex arrived at 7.30pm and brought with them a supper of Chicken and salad and wine. Chatted for a while and then took sacha down to the river for a runabout and a swim. They left at 9pm and I watched the fire die down before crashing out.