Monday, 23 March 2009

Arrive at Pedernales Falls State Park



Spent an hour or so hinging mayyes today in preperation for prints. Run off a few prints too, but really happy with them. Do I buy a new printer or use a Lab?


No work in the garden as it was rainy and windy. Can still see plenty of new things coming though though.

This Time Last Year

Up early and ready and packed for a camping trip. Drove out to Pedernales Falls State Park via Johnson City. Arrived about 3.30pm after doing a grocery shop. I set up camp and then went for a walk down to the river with Deb and Sacha. The dog is crazy for swimming and we spent some time trying to teach her to fetch a stick. Not bad.

Back at camp I lit a fire; we bought wood and firelighters from the camp-host.

Deb and Sacha leave about 7.30pm. I get a BBQ going and cook a couple of sausages for supper. I then watch the fire burn down before crashing out.