Friday, 13 March 2009



Birthday for Sebastien and Charles

They are 7 years old today. Hopefully I'll get out to see the twins next week or so. Today I continued work on the Ireland shots and also made a mental checklist of the things to do in the garden this week-end.


This Time Last year


Up early for some shots before sunrise. After breakfast we set off for a three hour kajak towards the north end of the island. We take one break as Doug needs a leak. Everybody pulls up at a tiny beach for a snack stop and then we carry on for another hour or so. The coast has some pretty inlets here and some interesting rock formations too. Including arches.

We have a shrimp salad for lunch aboard the Frogfish and then start preparing for an afternoon snorkel. Some Bottlenose Dolphins appear and then a pod of Orca are spotted by the crew. We decide to abandon the snorkel and follow the Orca. They entertain us for about an hour as the swim and play all around the boat. It's an outstanding sight.


Abruptly the Orca leave us and we reurn to shore for out delayed snorkel. We see some quite large fish but I couldn't say what they were. On our return to camp we pass a huge pod of about 300 Common Dolphins. A fabulous sight.