Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Bastrop State Park



Mount and label the prints I did yesterday and do 8 more prints and then mount and label those too. Order some more mattes and backing boards plus more ink and paper.


Didn't do much today ... but put down netting over the wild garden seed beds to keep off the cats. Filthy sods.

This Time Last year

Up early at 7am, but not as early as Debs who had to start work at 5am. Crazy!

Sat around drinking coffee and work on the PC. Trying to ID the butterflies I've shot so far. At noon I take Sacha for a walk up the golf course but it's a bit dull and we are back by 1pm. Later I watch ManU against Roma in the quarter final first-leg of the CL. We win 2-0.

Debs comes home from work and we head off to Bastrop State Park just outside of Austin arriving about 5pm. After setting up camp we go for a walk in the Loblolly Pine woods. Back at camp we start a fire and grill, whilst drinking a glass of red wine.

Debs leaves about 8pm and will return on Friday to pick me up.