Thursday, 19 March 2009

Margaritas at Shady Grove



Cleaned the print heads today and managed to finally get some decent prints after yesterday's fiasco. Did some prints of Dhar's boys and mounted them too so as to practise for my own prints. Was forced to use Indesign for the label printing, which I haven't used before. as usual the online help was nonsense and I don't have any books for this application. I muddled through.

This Time Last Year

Today me, Deb and Suzanne take Sacha for a walk down Shoal Creek (Austin, Texas) all the way to the city. On the way we shop at REI for stuff and have lunch on the terrace at Wholefoods.


We continue the walk down to Town Lake, then along the river through Zilker Park all the way to Barton Springs. We then relax at Shady Grove with huge margaritas. After that it's a really long slog back to the car at Shoal Creek.

On the way home we drop into Janet's and get invited back for drinks later ...

... where we also met Randy, and son Duncan and daughter Hannah (who had just returned from Georgia - the country). Randy offered me a beer, from a micro-brewery in the Rockies. It was awful, so I swapped it for a more normal beer! Janet's cake, however, was superb.