Sunday, 5 April 2009

At Honey Creek State Natural Area



Do some more seed planing; both in pots and in the garden. Go for a walk to Hof Ter Saksen in the afternoon and bump into one of Kristine's sisters. Take a few shots of Magnolias.

This Time Last year

Busy day. Up early for the guided 9am walk to Homey Creek State Natural Area. Too many people and too many kids but still very enjoyable. Shoot a couple of butterflies and dragonflies and views of the creek too.

I get a reide back to camp and only have a hours rest before I'm down at the Interpretation Centre for Butterfly Workshop with Craig, a local Ranger. He does a talk for about an hour and then it's back up to Honey Creek to see what we can see.

We have a wild time trying to net some butterflies. I see a Californian Sister but can't manage to get a shot. I do get a shot of a Goatweed Leaf and plenty of dragonflies and damselflies.


I'm back at camp around 4pm. I laze and read. I go for another walk and have dinner.


In the evening I go down to the amphitheatre where Craig is giving a talk on Owls. After a 40 minute talk we walk in the dusk to listen for owls. But we hear nothing.


After that I spend an hour with Craig trying to ID the butterfly shots I took today.