Thursday, 9 April 2009

Rain infiltrates the tent



I take my materials up to Hof ter Saksen but no one is around.


Do some weeding. Notice that both the cherries are beginning to blossom. Many of the tulips are beginning to show too.

This Time Last year

Up at 8am but it's cloudy and drizzly. I start a walk just after 10am and go up to Frog Pond. I shoot a couple of new butterflies; Phaon Crescent and a Bordered Patch. The wind makes it hard to photograph the dragonflies though.


I spend the afternoon reading again and then go out to a look-out point for a sunset walk. Again the light is disappointing. I do get a couple of shots of the weird rocks shapes (Hoodies!) when the sun does break through.


I return to the camp via Moss Pond and past a rock with a hole. I go to bed just as a storm comes over and I watch lightning flash over the rock. It rains in the night and I wake up at 3.30am as I can feel the ground sheet getting wet beneath me. I make the best of it and after making sure everything was packed away I try to sleep as best I can