Saturday, 4 April 2009

Arrive at Guadeloupe River State Park

This Time Last year

Got up early and got everything packed. Then it began to rain, but Debs arrived just in time. We go into "historic" Bastrop and find a great cafe for a huge breakfast.

Then it's back to Bastrop SP to take the scenic drive to Buecaher SP. Very nice too but the park is full! We then drive the short distance to Smithville and walk around a little. The museum is closed thoughh bt I do see a couple of Union Pacific engines in the the rail yard. This used to be a big UP Depot.

We call a few more local Sp's but they are also full. We stop for a coffee at San Marcos/ We then dribve to Guadeloups River SP and they can squeeze me in. We go for a walk and a picnic. After setting up we drive out to HEB (A supermarket) for supplies.

We sit around the fire and have dinner and Debs leaves me to the wine at abpout 8.30pm.