Friday, 3 April 2009

Wild Turkey



Tidied up some frost damage and planted some annuals. Cleaned pots from Geraniums I lost over the winter! Sat in the garden reading later in the afternoon.


Nothing today. Some A3+ paper and inks arrived in the mail.

This Time Last Year

Up at 7am and on the trail by 8am. I walked all the inner trails through the park, but was back by 10am. I saw the lake but it was quite a sad affair!

Later I went walking in the forest and saw some deer and a wild turkey - a first! The weather is a bit gloomy today but the sun breaks out later.


In the afternoon I finish reading "The Pearl" and start "The Inheritance of Loss".

In the evening I have the usual BBQ and some more of the Sloe Gin Sling. I watch the fire til bedtime.