Thursday, 2 April 2009

Coral Snake and Sloe Gin Sling



Lovely warm day today. Did a few tidying jobs and then planted some seeds for the flower baskets. Petunias as usual. Also planted some herb seeds; Coriander and Basil. Never seem to have much luck with Basil and will have to try something new ... but what?


Nothing much today except I sent away some documents to be translated into Dutch.

This Time Last Year

Slept late and pottered around until the Ranger came around to ask if I'd paid. I hadn't. We'd arrived too late yesterday. He gave me a lift out to the entrance office and I walked back.

About 10ish I set out on the Lonely Pines trail and it turned out to be a long walk as I didn;t get back until 3pm. almost the first thing I see is a Coral snake. "Red besides yellow poisonous fellow" is the rhyme to help one distinguish this snake from the Garter Snake which is also banded in red/black/yellow. I managed to get a few shots but stayed away!


Later I saw a few butterflies, mostly dark skippers and satyrs ... but also a Goatweed Leaf mimic. I also saw several types of dragonflies and spent some time trying to get shots of them. It was a long slow walk and I didn't meet anyone else on the trail. I must have broken a million spider's webs.


Back at camp I had a late lunch and then a shower. after that I start to read "The Pearl" and with the evening BBQ I make myself a Sloe Gin Sling ... left over from the w/e. I crash out early as I'm tired from the walk.