Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hof ter Saksen cafe



Did 2 24x30cm prints today and matted and mounted them at 40x50cm before framing them. they are now hanging in the Hof ter Saksen Cafe. I also printed and matted my Artist Statement/Warranty/Prices on 2 18x24cm mounted prints and hung those too. I also printed 10 copies of the material about butterflies and dragonflies to go into the Menus at the Cafe as well as the two sheets which duplicate the smaller prints above. I will be using these materials in the sale/show in two weeks time.


The Apples and Crab-Apples in themain back garden are now in blossom. they seem to be better than in previous years so lets hope we have a good crop. I'm still concerned about the apparent lack of bees. Maybe this is nornal though and I'm being paranoid.


Still good displays from the tulips and the Iberis is now flowering well. In the background everything seems to be growing apace.