Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Meteor over Guadeloupe River State Park



Yesterday I was asked by the Hof ter Saksen staff to prepare 6 45x45cm prints of Butterflies to be made into puzzles. They are having a kids event towards the end of May. I also prepared 7 sheets which I hope can be inserted into the menu at the Hof ter Saksen Cafe. Five of these describe the Butterflies and Dragonflies that can be found there and two are advertising for my prints. Sounds fair to me.


Everything is coming on fine. The Almond and Blackthorn are in blossom and the Plum and Peach will soon follow. Still a good show of Daffodils and the Tulips are almost ready. Also plenty of Hyacinth and Grape Hyacinth.

This Time Last Year

Wake up to drizzle and get everything packed in time for Debs arrival about 10am.

We drive into Bourne and find a place for a pancake breakfast. We then drive through Fredericksberg to Enchanted Rock State Park and get checked in after some difficulty with the computer. I set upvcamp and then we go for a walk on one of the trails in the park. We go on the "Loop Trail" past Moss Lake, where Sacha has a swim, and back through Echo Canyon.


We then drove back to Fredericksberg to get some supplies and for a drink at the Silver Creek. Back at camp we have dinner and wine before Debs leaves about 8pm. I sit under the stars until I retire.

This Time Last Year Yesterday

Up early and on the road by 6am. I sneak into Honey Creek State Natural area ... you are only supposed to go in with a Ranger! I arrive before the sun has reached the creek itself. I watch a raccoon bathe itself, but it's too far away for a shot. As the light comes I take plenty of shots.


I then sneak back out to the entrance and join Craig's Birdwatching Group at 8.20am. We do see a few birds including a Sapsucker and a White-cheeked Vireole. I also shoot a few dragonflies. The Ranger also lets us leave the trail to take shots - also not allowed.


Back at camp I have a quick sandwich and then a shower before relaxing and reading all afternoon.


Build a fire and BBQ later and finish off the wine. Whilst watching the embers die I see a meteor fall across the clear night sky. Seems to land fairly close too. Amazing.