Thursday, 4 March 2010

Back Home

What I've Been Doing

I've just returned from a month at my Mother's house in Kent, England. She had an operation at the beginning of February and was subsequently not allowed to lift anything for six weeks. I went home so I could be there on a day to day basis whilst my other family members dropped in regularly to help out as well.

My mother lives in a house which is essentially coal-fired. She has a range in the kitchen and an open fire in the living-room. It was my job to keep the home fires burning and shift the coal from the bunker  to the fireside scuttle and buckets. I was the Chief Stoker!

Meanwhile we all had other jobs to do around the house which included re-decorating and re-arranging the living-room. Some old furniture has gone and some new sofas have arrived. The old Pedal Organ has gone and the piano is now back in the living-room. It's looking good. In the kitchen some new cabinets have been put in place and the old Welsh Dresser has been relegated to the dining-room. This is looking good too.


The biggest job is clearing out the junk from the backyard and garden. This is what it looked like a couple of years ago. Some progress has been made in creating some space in the backyard outside the conservatory - which itself has been cleared. Some stuff has also been removed from the lower garden as well as stuff which was cluttering up the front driveway and the side-passage to the back.


My mother and I have planted some seeds to populate the garden when spring finally comes along and some beds have been cleared and manured for future planting.

The weather was pretty miserable for the month I was there, though the latest snowfalls a couple of weeks ago brightened it up somewhat. On the day I left the sun finally decided to shine. Typical.


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