Monday, 29 March 2010

An Afternoon in the Pool

Wednesday 18th November 2009, Morocos, Madeira, Portugal

Walk: 4hrs 56mins starting at 8.57
Low: 450m at 10.59
High: 605m at 8.57
Descent: 200m
Ascent: 207m

We were the only one at breakfast and so we sat in the corner table with the views out high above the ocean. To start our walk we had to locate the levada. The instructions weren't too clear but we finally managed to locate it after fighting our way past four scruffy off-white Highland terriers who just wouldn't stop barking. What is it with these Madeirans and mad dogs? The weather remained fair all day but not really sunny as clouds scudded across the sky all day.


The levada meandered along and we passed through two small tunnels before taking a diversion around the third. We set off every dog in the vicinity barking. We only passed two other hikers all day. We left the levada to make our way to the village where we are staying but we where disappointed to find the purple cafe mentioned in the notes was closed. from here it was a pleasant hours walk along quiet country roads to reach our village and eventually our hotel.

The hotel was very smart and although our luggage had not yet arrived we cleaned up a little in our room and had some lunch. We had some fish and a bottle of white wine. In the after we relaxed in the small indoor pool and sat in the jacuzzi next to it. We had the place all to ourselves.

In the evening we had a couple of cocktails before dinner before watching Portugal qualify for the World Cup on TV,