Friday, 26 March 2010

Our hike is rained off

Sunday 15th November 2009, Jardin de Atlantico, Prezeres, Madeira, Portugal

We wake early and watch the sunrise turn from orange to pinks to gold. It looks like the beginning of another fine day. The cafe opens at 8am and we arrive for breakfast on the dot. At 9am our taxi arrived as did the clouds.

Today we were to hike from Kabacal on the Levada de Rinco, then on the 25 Fontes before going through a tunnel and following another Lebada all the way down. However as the taxi climbed into the mountains it began to rain. On arrival at the trail head we were in thick cloud and the rain was torrential. We decided to abandon any idea of a walk and the driver took us down to the hotel. he made one more stop at another trail to try and persuade us to walk but he didn't speak English very well and couldn't show us where we were on the map or describe very well how we would get to the hotel. No walking today then.

We arrived at the hotel in more cloud and it continued to rain here all day. It too a while to check-in as we were so early and the place was crowded with other people who had also given up on going out for the day. Finally we got a room and relaxed here with our picnic lunch.

Later in the afternoon we made use of the hotel's indoor swimming pool and the sauna as well. Although dinner that evening was a buffet it was very well pleasant. We just read and relaxed in the evening.