Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Journey Home

India; November 1st; Day 41; New Delhi

It was to be a long long day of travel today as we go home. We kick pff by having a good breakfast of eggs and coffee at our place by the beach. WE have to hang around a little bit waiting for the boss to come down so we can pay the bill. We finish packing and then watch the dragonflies.

Then the journey begins. First we take an auto-rickshaw into town where we pick up a taxi to take us to Cochin airport. It’s about a two hour ride. We have a long wait before our flight to New Delhi which has a stopover at Hyderabad. At New Delhi it’s madness waiting for the luggage off the carousel after which we have to queue for a taxi into the city. Remember we have to return to the Connaught Hotel to pick up the luggage we’ve left behind from the Himalayan part of our trip. Our luggage is where we left it and we have time for a last couple of pints of Kingfisher before taking another taxi back to the airport.

It’s the usual palaver of checking and I lose my pocket knife which I’ve spent the last 6 weeks looking for! Keith just laughs. Our flight leaves at 3am. I sleep the first half and doze the rest. It’s relatively painless.

UK; November 2nd; Day 42; Aylesham

The flight arrives on time and it’s the usual boring stuff to get through at the airport. Then it’s the tube into London and train from Victoria down into Kent. It’s unfortunate that we have to wait at Canterbury East for the slow train to Aylesham – the last 15 minutes.

Back in the village we walk up to Keith’s place and then drive up to Mum and Dad/s house. It’s been an exhausting 36 hours or so travelling but here we are. My Dad looks a lot better than when we left and it looks like he’s making a slow but steady recovery.