Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Rio Papaturro, Nicaragua

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Spent a lot of time today converting all the calendars to start from March 09. These are all stored on Lulu, but I shant be using them next year. The calendar design software sucks and I really can't be bothered to go into the details. "The Lulu Studio™ is a revolutionary web application that makes creating your calendar as easy as point and click. There's no software to download and you can use it through your browser." Thats what they say. And this is the future of software. I despair.


Heard from Kristian today who has just got back from spring training in Majorca. He's cycling for Rapha Condor Recycling

This time last year

Manuel and I are up are 5.20am to tandem the canoe with three of our guests in kayaks as we paddle up the Rio Papaturro. We don't see a lot of wildlife at this time and paddle right up to the Costa Rican border which is marked by a log across the river.

This route is used by illegal immigrants going into Costa Rica for work - usually picking in the plantations. There is an Army Outpost next to the Reserve but they don't seem interested in much.

After breakfast I take another group up the river. This time I share a sit-up double kayak with Pat. It's not very comfortable. We see some White-Faced Capuchin monkeys and a Slaty-tailed Trogon (a bird).

After t
hat we pile into Juans boat and cruise slowly downstream towards Lake Nicaragua. It's warmer now and we see plenty of river birds.

Our crossing of the lake is calm and we tour around the back of Mancarroncita Island before stopping for lunch on a premonitory of Mancarron Island. the family that entertains us all have built a shaded picnic area for us. The food is fabulous. We see a Ctenosaur in a tree - this is a type of black iguana.

Afterwards we walk over the hill, past a fabulous look-out, down to a local school. From here the boat picks us up and we cruise around to Mancarron Pueblo. This is the small village which is the main place on the island. Our guests go shopping for T-shirts and balsa carvings whilst I have a beer.

It's then back in the boat for a short ride to San Fernando and the usual evening procedure. That is dinner and hanging about. Manuel and I have been bounced from our nice room to the back cupboard!