Thursday, 19 February 2009

Holing out in Santa Ana

At Home

Today I draw up the itinerary for a week long canoe trip down the Dordogne River in France. I'm hoping to take my friend Eddy and his two children on the trip this summer. It is also possible that my Parisian friends Julie and Jean-Marc and their two kids may also want to do the trip.

This Time Last Year

Our last day of this trip. We are up for breakfast at 7.30am and ready to leave by 8.30am.

Everyone has decided to go for one more paddle so we make for the put-in on the Rio Puerto Viejo.

Molly, who still has her arm in a sling, will paddle with Carolyn and I'll paddle bow for her husband John. as we carry the boats down to the river I slip five huge rocks into Manuel's kayak. He doesn't notice all day! brilliant!

This is a very green and picturesque river and we see a sloth and many toucans along the way. Although it rains a lot we still have a very pleasant two hour paddle.

We say farewell to Manuel at Puerto Viejo and pack everything onto the bus for the trip back to San Jose. We stop for lunch at the junction to the Limon road before crossing over the mountains.

Carolyn and I are staying in Santa Ana but in the evening we return to the San Gildar Hotel for our farewell dinner.

This Time in 2007

Nothing much to report as it's a rest day in Santa Ana. This is what I did. Get the fauna lists up-to-date. Clean my boots. Fix my watch strap. Get two butterfly nets sewn. Went out for a pizza in the evening with all the family and Carolyn.

Jim didn't come back from the airport this time.