Tuesday, 3 February 2009



Finally got around to sending pdf portfolios to Copper Canyon and Baja today. These were both places I visited in Mexico last year. I had a reply from Doug at Paraiso del Oso These were the outfitters who organised out 10 day trek around the Copper Canyon and the small towns of Batopilas and Urique. Highly recommended. They do Horse Treks too.

Doug told me that times were hard as people weren't travelling. The economic slide was one factor but a certain amount of political turmoil in Mexico was dissuading many too.

Two books arrived today. This one The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers and this one The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers

As you can see they are both by Scott Kelby. He has a wittering and irritating style, but he tells you the business. I am a member of NAPP and as such am entitled to a discount on these books. But it's no cheaper as they wack a huge shipping cost to post them to Europe. Looks like I'll only be a member for a year at this rate.

I shall be moving my photographic workflow to a Lightroom basis instead of Bridge. I'm using CS4 now and a bit miffed that some functionality has been lost. For example I used to be able to upload to Flickr and Smugmug directly from Bridge. Now I can't. That's called progress and, of course, you don't get told whats missing ... only whats new. Great. I shall start this Lightroom thing when I can get a new external hard-drive. Can't get enough of these.

Also a CD arrived (how old-fashioned). Vampire Weekend - an outfit from New York. Liked it straight off the bat. Light jangly guitars with a West African sound.

This Time Last Year

I was in Nicaragua, staying at Daniels and Marie's place on San Fernando Island in the Solentiname Archipelago.

I got up early to walk down the trail, past the petroglyphs, and up to the overlook. They've built some new stuff since I was here last year. the petroglyphs used to be in the middle of a field and hard to find. Now they have a new trail to them and a shelter over them and a bench. The outlook also has a shelter and bench. very nice.


Heard yesterday that I am a Great-Uncle. My niece Jodanna has a baby Henry Graham. I had a mail from my mother with photos ... except the photos were missing! Also had some photos of snow in the village at home. Our snow came and went yesterday!