Friday, 20 February 2009

On the Road to Monteverde


Ordered some mattes from Moonshine today so I can begin to prepare for my show.

Got annoyed at the flickr site as they change they way things work. They are always throwing unilateral changes like this at us. Madness.

Took another look at Facebook and Twitter but can't see the point. Who's going to persuade me?

Chatted to Kristian about Website design and CSS and Joomla. Got to get this going.

This Time Last Year

I get up at 6.30am and wait for Luiz to arrive to take Carolyn to Fortuna. I hitch a ride to the airport. I want to change my flight for an earlier one but the 'computer says no'. They assure me that even though I only have one hour to change flights that this will be OK.

I grab a taxi back to Santa Ana and spend the morning on the internet. I call kristine in the afternnon and then settle down to watch Champions League football. Three games on the trot. Man U get a 1-1 draw with Lyon.

This Timne in 2007

Today was another travel day as I make my way to Monteverde and a small town called Santa Elena. This is close to the National Cloud Forest Reserve.

I spend the morning packing and leave some stuff in the Bodega (store room) which I hope Carlos will pick up next friend and bring to Fortuna as this is where we will rendezvous for the next trip.

At 1pm I take a taxi into San Jose city and find the appropriate bus-station abd join a queue waiting for the ticket-office to open. I spend my time playing cards with a couple of girls from Seattle who claim that they have been travelling for 30hrs so far!

The bus leaves promptly at 2.30pm for the 5hr ride to Santa Elena. Most of the trip (200km) is along the Pacific Highway but the last 35km is up and up a dirt road into the mountains. As we climbed we could se the Pacific Ocean and the Nicoya Peninsular in the distance.

At the turn-off we tiook a 15min break before taking the meandering road upwards as the sunset over the far distant ocean. We arrived in the dark to a slow drizzle.

Fortunately the Tree-House Hotel was just across the street, so I quickly got myself checked-in. Not bad for $30 a night, though other places in town are only $5! After dinner I sit down to watch Real vs Bayern.