Saturday, 7 February 2009

Rio Bartola

This Time Last Year

Today we leave El Castillo for the Bartola Lodge which is at the confluence of the Rio San Juan and the Rio Bartola. It takes us about an hour to paddle down as the Rio San Juan runs quite fast here.

On the opposite side of the Rio Bartola from the Lodge is the offices of the Indo-Maiz Reserve. After we disembarked most of the group were happy to rest in the hammocks and read or bird-watch. Pat I paddled up the Rio Bartola enojoying the silence. We pushed and pulled our way up over seven small rapids before finally deciding that the river was too narrow to go any further. We rode the rapids on the way back and arrived just in time for lunch.

After a brief siesta I took M for a paddle back up the river. It was even quieter this time although we still saw a few monkeys about.


The price list is now uploaded and the portfolios tidied up. Next I have to figure out how to get more hits on the site.