Monday, 8 October 2012

Jammy Dodger by Kevin Smith

A Book Review

WARNING: This book contains no recipes. Neither does it contain a taxonomy of British and Irish biscuits with particular reference to their dunking properties.

To my dismay this meant I was forced to read the whole thing.

The book conflates Jammy Dodgers with Roger the Dodger and I was delighted to discover that it is in fact a paean and homily to shirking. This is not to be confused with a Sherkin, which is a type of Sheffield Parkin developed during 50’s rationing and  brought back into fashion by the recession. It’s ingredients can only be described as Baldrickian. It does however have double dip dunking abilities. Technically it’s not a biscuit, however hard baked. I digress.

WARNING: The book also contains actual poetry. However the poetry is deployed in three ways: a) as a seduction device, b) to add a veneer of intellectualism to an otherwise moribund intelligence and c) to provide wit when a slothful mind can think of nothing else. This puts to shame those of us that use song lyrics to similar uses.

In short the book is as sly, filthy and funny as ‘Withnail and I’, with all its disgusting attributes. Its particular use of ‘milky products’ to invoke the smells and grime and pointlessness of student living is truly vile.

Jammy Dodger by Kevin Smith.