Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Back to Film (for a day)


Nikon F2

An uncle of mine has lent me an F2 and a Nikon f3.5 55mm macro lens to check out. The camera is the first of the F2 models with no exposure calculations at all. You set aperture, speed and focus all manually. Very nice and easy. I have been using an exposure meter with it though!

The first roll of film is shown here or here.


I wont be able to get more use of it as I'm travelling to India next week and wont be back until late November or so. I shall however be taking a film camera to India (battery charging in the Himalayas would be a problem for digital) and hope to take some shots like these with my Mamiya 7 II.


My ol' Dad

At the beginning of August my Dad discharged himself from hospital and arrived at my sister's house at about 4am in the morning. Fortunately she does live around the corner from the hospital. I heard about it the next morning when I had a call from my brother. That was nerve-wracking in itself as I imagined a call could only be for the worst reason and his voice didn't sound so good.

All those at home implored him to go back to hospital and this he was finally persuaded to do. His mood of course was one of despondency as he thought a return to hospital was pointless.

The good part about this was that it seemed to stimulate the hospital into action and before the week was out he had been transferred to St. Thomas's in London and had had his heart operation. This was to replace a leaking heart valve with a mechanical one.

This was of course exhausting and it took several days for him to come around and naturally he was weak for a couple of weeks after.

Remarkably by August the 21st he was back home, which must have been a relief to him after spending all summer in the hospitals, and is now slowly but surely getting his strength back.

I'm traveling over tomorrow and will see him for a couple of days before the India trip. I shall be spending some time after too.