Friday, 22 February 2013

On the Road to Te Anau


Rescued by a Pick-Up Truck

It was a casual ride southwards the next morning to 5 Rivers and then lunch at Mossburn before turning west. The hills started to get worse and a fierce head-wind came iup so that eventually I was crawling along. But, a couple towing an empty trailer stopped and offered me a lift to Te Anau. No problem. It would be rude to refuse! I still had about two hours riding to do and so I jumped at the chance. They dropped me right outside what they said was the nicest campsite in town.


Whilst shopping in town I bumped into a couple I'd met at Lake Tekapo, so that evening I took my supper round to their caravan, with a bottle of wine, and sat with them and chatted for a few hours. They also gave me desert and coffee! In town I'd arranged a lift on the coach into Milford Sound with my bike. This is a one-way road of about 70 miles. I didn't fancy riding both ways so I decided to get a lift in and ride out. In retrospect I wish I'd done it the other way round.


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