Saturday, 23 February 2013

Down to Milford Soiund


Overnight on the Milford Wanderer


On the coach this morning, with my bike tied on the back, sitting with all the tourists and travellers. We saw all the sights; Mirror Lake, the Disappearing Mountain and a lovely cafe, before going through the tunnel and down the tortuously winding road to the village itself. All the tourist boats were lined up on the quay ready to take trippers out into the sound. I sat around for most of the day, sunbathing and reading and walking before finally deciding to take an overnight trip on the Milford Wanderer. I had to arrange a safe place to store my bike for the night.


We were allowed on board at about 6pm at which time we were greeted by the crew who told us about the itinerary, when meals would be served and where our bunks were. at this point I was surprised to see the couple who had given me a lift back to the camp-site after my flight at Lake Tekapo. Small world. We spent a very pleasant evening together, seeing the sights and wildlife and chatting and drinking when the sun went down (over the yard-arm).