Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Clifden Suspension Bridge and Tuatapere

The day begins with with a ride in the wrong direction! I'd foolishly asked a local for help. I eventually turned around, but wasted an hour or so as I tried to get away from Manapouri. The day started bright, but then clouded over and looked especially ominous up the long slow climb to Jericho Hill. I passed absolutely nothing for about four hours. Eventually I got to Clifden and its old suspension bridge, before riding into Tuatapere. This is  strange town.


I was the only camper at the municipal site; a bit of a dump actually, and was just debating whether or not to stray when a family turned up for a picnic. The camp-ground was actually the rugby/cricket pitch for the town, and these people had inadvertently strayed here. However they offered my a cup of tea and some cake and we had a little chat, before they left.


Later in the evening two cyclists appeared. They were locals out on a four or five day ride. They were peculiar but friendly. One of them asked my permission to take a photograph of my bike. After that they tried to persuade me to change my plans and ride with them to this lake somewhere. I declined.


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