Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sailing the High Seas


The R. Tucker Thompson



I spent the whole day on the R. Tucker Thompson a schooner with a square-rigged foremast. In the summer she does day tripos in the Bay of Islands, but in the winter she does cruises through the Pacific Islands. For a price you can crw on her. Today I ran around pulling ropes as directed by the official crew and climbed up the rigging and out onto the bowsprit. At lunch we anchored in a bay and swam. We also swung from a rope on the yard-arm. All good fun on a beautiful day.



In the evening I played pool down the pub with a bunch of German lads. A fish and chip supper and a sleep undisturbed by mosquitoes.


Northland East Coast

The following morning I was back on my bicycle after the short ferry trip to Pahia. The day was sunny, the road undulating, but the countryside was a bit bland. I did bump into two other cyclist though. The camp-ground at Rawene was very bleak. I was the only one there and decided I may as well stay in the bunk-room. I'm now on the west coast of the northern peninsular. The estuary here is very muddy; a complete contrast to the pristine beaches on the eastern side. At least I'm riding again.

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