Saturday, 30 March 2013

Paris Photo Shoot


Le Raboteurs des Parquet

First up was a re-making of this painting by Gustave Caillebotte, which I believe is in the Musee D'Orsay.

After clearing away the furniture we made some wood shavings by curling strips of paper, and then set the scene with these, some tools, the bottle of wine and glass and some bags at the rear.

Sam was photographed with his shirt off in the three positions and the photograph was then assembled in photoshop and processed to give the monochrome look. The angle of shot is not quite correct but this I think is the best I can do in a room this size.


In this version Niamh and Ella play the role of the 'scrapers'. The natural daylight is better in this one. I blame Sam as his shot was made later in the day when he got home.


Glen Baxter

Niamh went through a series of postcards to find a pose to copy. I can't remember the name of this one. I'll find out and update this later. When Niamh turned up after school with her friend Ella it was easier to get them both to pose in the same, but opposite, way.

They were just sitting on the floor, which was still clear from the previous shot, and the white wall. It was tricky balancing the natural light with the flash so that they didn't throw up harsh shadows. I tried with a warm gel on the flash, but I liked the colder light better.

The idea to make a sort of Glen Baxter cartoon came about later when I was messing around in Photoshop. So I just masked them out of the room and searched for a suitable background to drop in behind. I liked this view of the Seven Sisters on the South Downs in England. I used a painterly effect to make it more 'cartoony' and this meant I didn't have to worry about the exactness of the mask either.


On this pair I dropped in a photograph of some old tree roots. This tree has subsequently been cut down. Like many Beeches in the park at Hof ter Saksen they became diseased. They have been replace though.

You'll have to excuse my poor excuses of captions. They are not as 'off the wall' as the real Glen Baxter would have done.


The Arch

For this shot I simply dropped in a couple of borders around Niamh and Ella. It's a nice and relaxed shot.


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