Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Last of the Kodachromes: Part 2


A New Pond

Whilst wandering about my usual haunt at Hof ter Saksen near my home I discovered a new pond. New for me I mean. It's just a small space: a lot smaller than the ponds I usually visit in the Nature Reserve close by. This pond looks less managed and is overgrown with reeds and bushes on its banks. I'm hoping that come the spring it will be a good place to spot Dragonflies and Damselflies. It will be interesting to discover whether this pond is frequented by different species than the larger pond.


I shall probably have to take my wellies as well as the ground around the pond is marshy. I'm already looking forward to it.


Although the pond is small it may also provide an opportunity to spy on some birds. I've already seen a Grey Heron here and it's possible that the local Kingfishers pay a visit.


Garden News

Spring has broken out all over the garden and some trees are already in blossom. The Almond is already well in flower and one of the Blackthorns has come out. Meanwhile the peach, one of the Plums and one of the Pears are just about to show.


The danger is when trees blossom early that they can get caught by a late frost and that their is not enough bees and other insects to do the pollinating.


I've finished my building projects for the time being: I've made two planters (for raspberries), two long thin Cold Frames, two square Cold Frames (these all use recycled plastic parts for the lids from an old Cold Frame),  two square raised beds, five long raised beds, one extra large raised bed (for Potatoes) and a box to surround the Rhubarb. some of these are already populated: with Garlic, Red Onions, White Onions, Broccoli and Cauliflowers. The Cold Frames are housing seed pots with Dwarf Beans, Runner Beans and Peas. Next month I shall build four more raised beds. By then it will be time to plant Carrots, Parsnips, Leeks and Chicory. All these are new ventures for me. As last year I shall also grow Tomatoes, Courgettes and Peppers in the raised beds I bought a couple of years ago.


In the garden the spring flowers continue to make a good show: plenty of Narcissus, Tulips, Hyacinth, Grape Hyacinth, Anemones and other bulbs. Almost everything is in bud and ready to leaf. Exciting times after the long winter.