Friday, 14 May 2010

Con Dem Nation

3D Twin Blues
Vote Liberal get Conservative

How the Liberals gave up principles and took power instead. Ha bloody ha. Both of them in fact took power-sharing to avoid the sack. Cameron would surely have been deposed if a Lib/Lab coalition was formed and Clegg too as the Liberals actually got less of a return than 2005. But the temptation of power was too much for any ideology to stand up too.

I was pleased the Lib/Lab Coalition came to nothing. The arithmetic didn't work. Can anyone at all tell me what is meant  by 'progressive'. All the parties seem keen on stressing how 'progressive' they are without explaining.

I'm fairly shocked that the Liberals got into power with the Conservatives. Apparently 4 out of 5 Liberal voters would have voted Labour otherwise. They must be happy.

I think this coalition will fail shortly and another election will be called. All those disaffected (and disenfranchised) Liberals will return from whence they came and the Liberal party itself won't be seen for another three generations. This is irrespective of a change in the electoral system.


The idea of a fixed term for government is lamentable. This will bring US style election campaigns that run over years. In any case two mechanisms already exist for terminating a government. Firstly a Dissolution Bill brought by the Government itself. This must have at least 51% of the vote. This coalition wants to change this to 55%. This is designed so that should the Liberals become disaffected with the coalition they could join the opposition on this vote and bring down the Government. The Tories have 47% on their own and 53% with the Liberals which is why the want to raise the threshold to 55% in this thoroughly despicable and non-democratic way. The second way to dissolve parliament is for the Opposition to table a vote of no-confidence and for this to acquire a 51% majority.

For this coalition to seek a fixed term in these ways is despicable.


Meanwhile the Labour Party can watch the fun unfold as they tear each other apart and ruin the country at the same time. The 'Country' what a quaint and old-fashioned idea that is. Who gives a toss about being British or even English these days.

Plenty of time for the Labour Party to find a new leader and I don't think this has to be rushed into. I'm sure they can find some public schoolboy, Oxbridge graduate, white, of course, to compete with the pair of toffs now incumbent.