Monday, 25 May 2009

Cycle Paths



Our first full day on the island saw us head towards the village of Den Burg and the Tourist Office. As we soon discovered the island has miles and miles of cycle paths and we very rarely had to cycle directly on the road. What a beautifully civilised place! At the VVV (Tourist Office) we picked up as much info as we could and a decent map of the island too. I was surprised to find that the information was in German and that not everything was available in English. Never mind, we'll manage.

We took a short detour around Den Burg itself and stopped off at the butchers to get something for dinner tonight and at a bakery to get something for lunch later.

After that we hit the road again and headed for the tiny village of Den Hoorn. As you can imagine the terrain here is relentlessly flat and our 4-speed bikes were sufficient. At Den Hoorn we looked around the church before taking a long one-way road to the beach. We ambled onto the beach for a few minutes but the prospect was bleak and the wind was blowing so we hopped back onto our bikes and rode back the way we had come.

At Den Hoorn we headed north for our home village of De Koog travelling at first along the edge of the dunes and then through the woods. It probably took as hour or so. back at the village Kristine and I headed to the supermarket whilst Mum and Dad rode home.

We cooked some local lamb for dinner and watched some Champions League football in the evening.